October 27 2020  |  Catering

Project Refresh line of meal boxes launched by LSG Group

By Rick Lundstrom

Ten products are part of the initial launch of Project Refresh

The LSG Group has launched Project Refresh, a versatile series of boxes and equipment designed to expand the product portfolio, with social distancing and environmental awareness in mind.

"The concept specifically targets the current situation and our customers’ resulting need for versatile solutions. It should be seen as a complementary line," says Vassilios Georgakopoulos, Director Customer Concepts at LSG Group, in a recent release. While materials produced from renewable resources could be used, the aim of Project Refresh is not to replace rotable equipment.

The new product line has a dark green color scheme and plant motif, with a single word on the packaging: “REFRESH.” Project Refresh caters to current trends such as clean eating and sustainable packaging, and is suitable for Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class.

The portfolio currently consists of 10 products, including tray mats, meal boxes with a lid and see-through panel, a cardboard box for wraps, lunch boxes, a plate made from sugarcane, a cutlery set, stickers for sealing the boxes and a hygiene kit.

“Everything was designed to help airlines save on equipment and minimize waste. For example, airlines can arrange both their appetizers and main courses on a single tray. The solution is extremely versatile,” said Georgakopoulos. In addition, the boxes can be combined to provide maximum security, and crew members can serve the meal with just one hand movement.

A key feature of the new products is that they offer the same safety advantages as closed packaging and shrink-wrapped food. At the same time, they can be made of sustainable materials that, unlike previous solutions, are easy for passengers and crew members to handle. Together with high food safety standards, which the LSG Group has always adhered to, Project Refresh meets the highest expectations.

The team designed the boxes with the aim of reducing complexity and allowing more flexibility in meeting customer requirements. They can be used for both scheduled and last minute flights. "These boxes can be filled with hot and cold food, which is particularly important when airlines do not have their own trays," says Stefan Opel, Head of Global Customer Concepts. Customers also have the option of combining the equipment with their own.

The next step is to select the right menu components. Here, the LSG Group has entrusted the expertise of its local teams to work with the customers to determine what best fits their passengers’ needs. "The new boxes are ideally suited to present our high-quality food in a visually appealing way, while meeting the requirements of the ‘new normal’," says Alois Strobl, Director Global Culinary Excellence.

In the future, the design of the boxes can easily be customized with the customers' logos and design. Keeping in line with the theme of flexibility, short-term changes of the boxes in response to market demand remain possible.

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