March 12 2020  |  Catering

LSG Group partners with Best Chef Awards

By Jane Hobson

The LSG Group announced today that it is an official partner of the Best Chef Awards, an annual event recognizing international top chefs. The event is set to take place September 21 to 23 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As part of the partnership, LSG Group will present at the three-day event and present the coveted “Voted by Chefs” award, a title given to the best – as chosen by the best.

The Best Chef Awards 2020 marks the second ceremony with LSG Group’s presence. Last year, Jörg Hofmann, Head of Global Culinary Experience, was in the audience, courtesy of the relationship with the LSG Group culinary ambassador and star chef Thomas Bühner.

Also in attendance will be the top 100 chefs from around the world.

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