December 16 2019  |  Catering

DFMi presents breakfast duo

By Jane Hobson

DFMi has announced two breakfast options from its partners for inflight food service. The two offerings include French pancakes from bakerly and breakfast sausage from Aidells.

bakerly's French-style egg and milk pancakes come ready-made

Based in Pennsylvania, bakerly has created “ready to eat” pancakes – the first in the United States, according to DFMi. The pancakes come in bulk and individually wrapped packaging. The French style breakfast, made from eggs and milk, has a classic cakey texture.

Aidells breakfast sausage come in two flavors, Chicken & Apple and Maple & Smoked Bacon

The other offering is breakfast sausage from Aidells. They are pork-free and made with chicken. The sausages are available in two flavors, Chicken & Apple – a sweet and savory link made with Washington state farm apples and fruit juices – and Maple & Smoked Bacon – made from real Vermont sugar, a hint of vanilla and rich flavors of bacon, chicken and turkey.

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