December 12 2019  |  Catering

Foodcase International serves up ambient meal range

By Sabrina Pirillo

Foodcase International has announced a new range of ambient meals based on authentic and local flavor profiles from Western and Asian cuisine.

From production sites in Europe and South East Asia, the meals were developed with input from local chefs and are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The 12 flavor options incorporate the latest comfort-food trends and international dishes to meet varying passenger profiles. The range features packaging designed for optimal onboard oven space.

Centrally produced in two BRC/IFS certified factories, these meals do not have to be defrosted which reduces pre-flight prep time. Flight cancellations will no longer cause food wastage but transport for return catering is a viable and safe option.

“Our meals are shelf-stable which provides a less-energy and environmentally-friendly supply chain, whilst minimizing food wastage and potentially increasing sales revenue from improved stock management,” said Wilbert de Louw, Chief Executive Officer of Foodcase International in the release from the company.

The Netherlands-based food and beverage solutions company is a two-time winner of the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2019 for Best Onboard Beverage and Snack.

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