September 23 2019  |  Catering

Gourmet Primo makes moves into healthy market

By Jane Hobson

Gourmet Primo, Bangkok Air Catering’s (BAC) sister company and manufacturer of semi-prepared food products, announced today that it is expanding its offerings with healthier options.

The Thailand-based company is adding organic foods to its range with an emphasis on local ingredients, produce and products. Gourmet Primo will offer nutrient-based foods and snacks with a focus on vitamins and minerals. There will be gluten-free offerings and different dairy options, as well as some fare that is low in fat, salt and carbohydrates.

“We’re meeting head-on the growing concern with nutrition and well-being,” said Linus A. E. Knobel, Gourmet Primo’s Managing Director. “It’s not only millennials who are passionate about lifestyle and how food contributes to it. People of every generation have realized that food quality isn’t just a matter of reducing fat or sugar. People who care about food origins tend to worry about the environment, too. Consumers of our products can rest assured on both counts. While the food is both wholesome and delicious, the carbon footprint is kept low."

In its second year of operation, the Gourmet Primo roster includes both domestic and global clients in the airport lounge, food service and event catering sectors.

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