September 3 2019  |  Catering

Sous vide center planned for Dubai

By Rick Lundstrom

(From left to right:) Mads Houlberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Flight Catering; Saeed Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Flight Catering; Felipe Hasselmann, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cuisine Solutions Inc.; Marc Brennet, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Cuisine Solutions Inc.

Emirates Flight Catering and Washington DC-based Cuisine Solutions will co-invest in a joint venture to become the UAE’s sole distributor of sous vide products, under the name of Emirates Cuisine Solutions.

Phase two of the joint venture will see the establishment of the world’s largest halal sous vide manufacturing facility in Dubai. The joint venture will distribute its sous vide products to airlines, restaurateurs and hospitality providers, in the UAE this month. The food manufacturing facility is expected to be operational in 2022.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone for Emirates Flight Catering. Our appetite for perfection means we are 100% committed to providing the best possible quality products and services to our customers,” said Saeed Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Flight Catering. Our partnership with Cuisine Solutions, a well-recognized and trustworthy brand in the culinary world, allows us to grow as a business and provide top quality products to the hospitality industry.

“Emirates Flight Catering constantly looks at innovation, and ways to improve our productivity, product and service quality. Introducing the distribution of sous vide products into the UAE market, swiftly followed by manufacturing in a Dubai-based facility, affords us the opportunity to secure a local supply chain of high-quality products. We are pleased to partner with Cuisine Solutions, the pioneer in sous vide technology and product, and a successful company that shares our corporate values. Together we look forward to delivering a best-in-class product and excellent value to our customers and stakeholders.”

“Cuisine Solutions is proud to partner with Emirates Flight Catering as the first truly global sous vide manufacturer,” said Felipe Hasselmann, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cuisine Solutions. Our joint venture will encompass the entire GCC / Africa region. Emirates Flight Catering’s ongoing pursuit to create memorable, exceptional food, coupled with its impressive mantra for outstanding service is echoed within Cuisine Solutions’ culture of quality and innovation. We are recognized by the world’s top chefs as the ultimate authority on sous vide and Emirates Flight Catering is the gold standard for onboard dining experiences.

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