May 9 2019  |  Catering

Norwegian to fly good-for-you noodles

By PAX International

Coming soon to Norwegian, Mr Lee’s Noodles have also been available across the travel catering industry in the UK and Australia

Mr Lee’s Noodles, recipient of both a 2018 Onboard Hospitality Award and a 2018 Mercury Award, will land on Norwegian Airlines this June.

Low in calories, sugar and saturated fats, the award-winning Coconut Chicken Laksa is the ideal "healthy and wholesome" inflight meal solution, according to the instant noodles company.

Based in Bournemouth, UK, founder Damien Lee and his team aim to create market-disruptive on-the-go foods, giving consumers healthy alternatives to junk, convenient products. Mr Lee’s are an extension of the team’s overall mission: that everyone has the right to quick, honest and tasty food.

Using game-changing food technologies, Mr Lee’s has created a range of six noodles with two vegan flavors, all of which are certified gluten-free, low in added sugars, and free of MSG and artificial ingredients. Their team uses the highest quality freeze-dried proteins and vegetables, locking in most of the original ingredients’ nutritional values.

“After growing substantially over the past couple of years, we have reformulated our innovative, authentic and tasty recipes this spring by further balancing the seasoning levels, introducing generous, game-changing chunks of 100% chicken breast alongside the market-leading amounts of freeze-dried veggies and proteins," said Lee.

He continued: “Our Coconut Curry Laksa noodles will be available as a part of Norwegian Airlines' onboard menu on the UK routes from June 2019 and we look forward to an ongoing partnership to achieve our goal of putting healthier, better foods in the hands of airline passengers everywhere.

“I think the airline catering industry has really got to a point now where they need to address certain dietary requirements, other than just a vegetarian option. Over the past years gluten-free options have become more attainable whilst flying, but instead of just another tasteless alternative, our noodles will bring an option uniquely crafted from authentic recipes, created by our team of Asian innovators.

“Our new partnership will ensure that every single one of their passengers will be able to eat the healthiest gourmet noodles out there, a tasty warm meal to fill you up where the air is thin!"

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