April 23 2019  |  Catering

LSG Sky Chefs and United extend contract at 10 locations

By Rick Lundstrom

LSG Sky Chefs has extended a catering contract with United Airlines for three years at 10 retained locations.

Under the contract, LSG Sky Chefs will cater the airline at airports in the United States, Germany and Incheon, South Korea. LSG Sky Chefs is United’s largest supplier of onboard catering, now serving more than 900 flights per day across 46 locations worldwide.

“Every contract extension with both new and retained locations fortifies the dynamic partnership between United Airlines and LSG Sky Chefs,” said Dale Messling, the caterer's Key Account Manager for United Airlines in today’s announcement. “We remain committed to providing them with superior customer service and genuinely look forward to securing future contracts and actively reinforcing our professional relationship with United.”

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