January 14 2019  |  Catering

Retail inMotion and Barilla develop pasta meals for inflight service

By Rick Lundstrom

Retail inMotion has developed an ambient pasta meal for its portfolio with products and help from the Italian food company, Barilla, and the LSG Group’s Culinary Excellence team.

The meal solution was introduced to the market on Ryanair’s winter menu.

Barilla, the world’s largest producer of dry pasta, developed ambient pasta meals specifically for the travel industry. The meal was exclusively designed to fit the demands of airlines’ inflight product portfolio in terms of size, cost and quality. The pasta-based meals come with a shelf life of six months.

The packaging of the pasta meal box, called SplitBox®, fits easily into airline trays and galley ovens and can be heated in flight while retaining the original texture and taste of the meal. Pasta and sauce are stored in separate compartments of a square foldable tray and can be combined by passengers once the meal has been heated in the galley oven. To make the handling for the crew as easy as possible, the box comes with an included fork and napkin.

So far, Retail inMotion has released one recipe with Maccheroni pasta and a Bolognese sauce. The development of the recipe included a number of consumer tests and blind tastings to ensure that the product reaches the high standards of any Barilla product, while also complying with strict airline catering quality regulations.

"Our customers are increasingly interested in flexible and high-quality meals solutions for their guests," said Shane Christopher, Head of Production at Retail inMotion, in today's announcement. "We are extremely happy with the outcome of our collaboration with Barilla and that we have been able to launch such an innovative solution for our customers."

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