January 7 2019  |  Catering

Hot handheld snack trio debuts on Malaysia Airlines

By Rachel Debling

Two pastries and a calzone are contained in each snack box

A new hot sneak box featuring the flavors of Malay, Chinese and Indian food is now being served on Malaysia Airlines, according to an announcement today from En Route International.

Developed exclusively for the airline, the snack box contains two pastries and a calzone, each featuring flavors present in Malaysian culture. Passengers on select flights from Australia to Malaysia can opt to enjoy the trio: lamb rendang, Chinese barbecue chicken and tandoori paneer. A vegetarian option containing vegetable rendang, Chinese barbecue tofu and tandoori paneer is also currently flying.

“When we were initially presented with the brief by Malaysia Airlines, we were asked to provide a solution that was different [from] other hot handheld products in the market and something that really provided a point of difference," noted David Helm, Director, Asia Pacific & Middle East at En Route International, in a January 7 statement from the company. "By working collaboratively with the team at Malaysia Airlines, our talented NPD and creative teams, we were able to offer a solution which we are all very excited about."

Lau Yin May, Head of Customer Experience at Malaysia Airlines, commented on the authenticity and quality of the airline's latest onboard selection: “At Malaysia Airlines, we are always looking at new ways to improve our food offerings on board. We are confident that these handheld snacks will be a great new addition, capturing the unique tastes of Malaysia’s rich cultural traditions that we, as the national airline, are renowned for."

Helm also applauded the process that brought the project to fruition, adding: "“Whilst En Route brought the innovation and concept to the table, Malaysia Airlines strongly supported the flavor profiling to ensure the end result would meet the most discerning of palates, suited to all passengers.

“We feel the product delivers something bespoke and unique to market whilst remaining true to the culture of Malaysia.”

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