May 8 2018  |  Catering

Fleury Michon Airline Catering partners with California Rice Center

By PAX International

Fleury Michon Airline Catering (FMAC) announced today that it has joined forces with the California Rice Center (CRC) to serve the growing Asian airline catering market. “By combining our respective products and developing new culinary offerings, FMAC and CRC will address the needs of current and new airline clients,” said John Allard, FMAC’s General Manager, in a statement announcing the partnership.

FMAC (formerly known as Delta Dailyfood) is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with manufacturing facilities in Canada, France, Italy and Spain. FMAC has recently broadened its Asian cuisine capabilities with the addition of skilled Chinese and Japanese Chefs. Their existing product portfolio includes a variety of international and continental frozen airline meals, snacks and food components serving flights departing from Europe and North America.

CRC, established in 1981, is located in the vicinity of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and specializes in Japanese fresh and frozen meals. CRC is also known for its fine rice products which are served by international airlines, caterers and retailers in the U.S.

Claude Bergeron, President of FMAC, also commented in the statement: “We invite airlines inflight catering officers to visit our facilities and participate in a meal tasting and culinary workshop.”

For more information, please contact David Salonsky, Senior Director, Global Business Development, Asia-Pacific at FMAC, or Daisuke Fujisawa of the CRC.

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