April 5 2018  |  Catering

Fleury Michon Airline Catering partners with Chinese and Japanese culinary experts

By PAX International

Fleury Michon Airline Catering is now collaborating with Chef Chang Chuan Hsu (Henry), Chef Junichi Ikematsu and Executive Chef Felix Yu to develop authentic Chinese and Japanese menus.

Chef Henry started his career at the 5-star Ritz Hotel in Taipei under esteemed culinary masters from Hong Kong and Europe. He later arrived in North America to perfect his craft, where he led kitchens in California before returning to Vancouver to open his own Bistro, Henry’s Kitchen, which received rave reviews from Chinese and local media.

From Kyoto, Chef Junichi trained in Japanese cuisine at Manyoken Brigade, where meals and banquets are served to royal families in Japan. Interested in new culinary trends, he moved to Montreal. Shortly after, he opened his own restaurant, Juni, which celebrates the Japanese culinary art.

Executive Chef Felix Yu has 43 years of culinary experience. A Hong Kong native, he first learned his trade at the renowned Spring Deer Restaurant before moving to London in 1980 to work in the acclaimed Zen Central in Mayfair England. In 2008, Felix opened his first restaurant called Felix Yu The Restaurant in Northampton and is now running the Pearl Liang, located in London.

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