June 11 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

John Horsfall and American Airlines celebrate Flagship bedding reveal

By Jane Hobson

The American Airlines and John Horsfall teams with the Flagship bedding at WTCE 2024 

John Horsfall and American Airlines revealed the new Flagship® bedding at this year’s World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE) in Hamburg. The unveiling took place at the John Horsfall booth, with American Airlines' Colleen Riffe, Senior Manager, Customer Experience and industry media in attendance on Wednesday, May 29.

Colleen Riffe, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, American Airlines (left) and Ellie Parkes, Global Business Development Manager, John Horsfall during the May 29 press briefing

“We were delighted with the interest which the Flagship® bedding collection got at the show, both for the design detail and for the sustainable credentials,” John Horsfall tells PAX International the week after the event.

The collection puts sustainability front and centre, including the Re-Thread® by John Horsfall recycled fabrics range, which is produced with thoughtful manufacturing and plastic-free packaging for longevity and waste reduction.

"We've worked closely with John Horsfall for some time now to reimagine how we can deliver comfortable bedding to our passengers' board that also helps us eliminate waste onboard. Thanks to this close collaboration, we're proud that nearly all the pillows, duvets and blankets created for American's flights will be made with recycled fibres that still maintain the premium feel," said Colleen Riffe, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, American Airlines, at the press briefing.

American Airlines’ jacquard Flagship® duvet is made with 100 percent Re-Thread® fibre filling. The recycled fibre filling means that each duvet diverts approximately 16 plastic drink bottles from landfills.

John Horsfall x American Airlines Flagship bedding 

All of the Flagship® bedding will be presented in durable, rotatable and branded bags, which are themselves made with Re-Thread® recycled polyester.

The airline’s Flagship® Premium blanket is a soft, draping weave that is crafted with 50 percent Re-Thread® yarn. The blanket’s recycled fibres divert approximately nine plastic drink bottles from landfills and the tightly spun woven yarns shed fewer microplastics than a fleece.

There are some unique items, deemed the “hero pieces” in the collection that John Horsfall and American Airlines expect to become synonymous with the Flagship® experience. These include a cool-touch pillow, a jacquard chenille bolster cushion and a faux-shearling quilt.

John Horsfall’s textile business has been operating for more than 160 and has more than 45 years of experience supplying commercial aviation. The company also has local staff in the United States and brings more than 30 years of supplying the US aviation industry to the partnership with American Airlines.

“John Horsfall may not be American, but we know the market and share values,” the company says, citing creativity, curiosity, politeness, determination and responsibility among these core values.

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