May 6 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Kaelis unveils Hajj amenity kit for Qatar Airways

By Jane Hobson

Kaelis and Qatar Airways partner for Hajj amenity kit 

Kaelis has unveiled its Hajj amenity kit, designed in partnership with Qatar Airways. The exclusive offering caters to the unique needs of pilgrims embarking on the sacred journey of Hajj, celebrating “dedication to passenger comfort and cultural sensitivity.”

In the Hajj amenity kit, passengers receive a distinctive prayer mat, designed to provide pilgrims with a sacred space for their prayers. There is also a tally counter that allows travellers to keep track of their religious rituals throughout the journey.

“We've also included prayer beads, offering a traditional and meaningful aspect to their spiritual practice,” Kaelis said in its press release.

To further support pilgrims in their journey, the kit features a small drawstring pouch for carrying essential items throughout the pilgrimage. Travellers also receive polyester, anti-slip socks in this kit.

“Understanding the significance of cleanliness during the pilgrimage, our amenity kit incorporates wet wipes, promoting a refreshing and sanitary experience for traveller,” Kaelis added.

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