March 26 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

SKYPRO launches Uniform Reuse Program

By Jane Hobson

SKYPRO utilizes the Zero Waste Principle in its Uniform Reuse Program 

SKYPRO has introduced a Uniform Reuse Program that is set to decrease costs by up to 60 percent per garment.

“Limited suppliers with reliable cleaning and repair processes, coupled with a general hesitance towards ‘used’ clothing within workforces, have hindered broader adoption by companies. SKYPRO is determined to change the narrative,” the company said in its announcement.

SKYPRO’s Uniform Reuse Program is designed to extend the lifespan of airline uniforms while reducing waste sent to landfills. The initiative promotes a circular economy and Zero-Waste approach, benefitting both the airline and the environment simultaneously.

The program allows airlines to reduce their environmental impact by diverting usable garments from landfills and extending their lifespan. It also reduces the costs of purchasing new uniforms, creating significant savings for the airline that can be applied to other areas of the business.

SKYPRO explained that its Uniform Reuse Program maintains professional-looking uniforms through meticulous repairs and sanitization. All clothing is inspected and evaluated to meet technical requirements and ensure it can be restored to pristine condition with expert repairs for minor tears, button replacements and zipper fixes.

Sanitization is carried out using Wet Cleaning technology. This is a gentle yet powerful method that effectively removes dirt, stains, germs, bacteria and fungi without the use of harsh chemicals.

SKYPRO’s Uniform Reuse Program is best suited to businesses with more than 1000 employees, industries with high Uniform turnover (such as the airline industry) and companies with seasonal staff.

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