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Interview with Ashley Kerber: Kaelis expands presence in North America

By Jane Hobson

Ashley Kerber, Regional Director for North America, Kaelis

Ashley Kerber took on the role of Regional Director for North America at Kaelis in January 2024 and is already making strides in the company’s North American presence. Kerber says her experience in the aviation industry took off with her role inflight crew at Emirates shortly after college. She then accepted the position as International Account Manager for LSG First Catering in Zurich, later moving to American Airlines.

With expertise in menu and product development, collaborating with executive chefs, suppliers and the James Beard Foundation, Kerber has been recognized for her expertise by the industry. She has been a speaker at WTCE and served on the IFSA Innovation Committee. Now, she is leading Kaelis’ expansion in the North American market.

Making moves in North America

Less than two months after stepping into her new role at Kaelis, in March 2024, Kerber headed up the opening of a new office in North America in collaboration with the LSG Group. This is one step toward the continued growth the company hopes to see as the year progresses.

“As the Regional Director for North America at Kaelis, my primary objective is to lead the company in entering the American onboard products market,” Kerber tells PAX International in an exclusive interview. “Kaelis is dedicated to making a significant impact by leveraging innovative design and product development to support North American-based airlines in their transition to eco-friendly products, ultimately enhancing the overall passenger experience.”

She adds that her extensive experience in the airline industry has provided her with a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within this market.

“I am well-prepared to guide Kaelis through the complexities of the market and establish a strong presence,” Kerber says. “By fostering strategic partnerships, implementing effective sales strategies and facilitating a seamless transition to eco-friendly on-board products, I am confident in my ability to significantly contribute to Kaelis' success in North America.”

With the new office location in Irving, Texas the goal for Kaelis is to be a leading provider of sustainable solutions in collaboration with the LSG Group.

“The focus will be on developing innovative and sustainable onboard products that not only enhance the passenger experience but also contribute to our clients' operational efficiency,” Kerber explains. 

Support for airlines, big and small

In its new location, Kaelis is committed to assisting all U.S. airlines, regardless of size. Kerber says every client is important and plays a critical role in shaping the aviation industry.

“Our goal is to collaborate with and support each client on their journey to providing a better and greener service,” she explains. “For our smaller clients with a single plane, we aim to offer tailored solutions that address their specific needs and constraints.”

Kaelis provides scalable and cost-effective solutions that are eco-friendly to airlines to empower them to follow sustainable practices while still elevating the passenger experience. In its partnerships with larger airlines, Kaelis delivers scalable strategies to support the necessary operational requirements.

“Our inclusive approach ensures that all airlines, regardless of their size, can benefit from our expertise in designing and implementing eco-friendly solutions,” Kerber says. “By fostering a collaborative environment and maintaining open communication with our diverse range of clients, we aim to contribute to the broader industry objective of creating a sustainable and greener aviation sector in the United States.”

A future of sustainability and innovation in Irving

Within the next year or two, Kerber says that five aspects of the Kaelis’ development will get it where it wants to be in terms of supporting U.S. airlines in adopting a sustainable and scalable approach. At the forefront is the collaboration with LSG Group.

“The partnership with LSG will be a key driver in achieving our goals,” Kerber says. “By combining our strengths, we can tap into a wealth of expertise and resources, fostering a collaborative environment that maximizes creativity and efficiency. This collaboration will enable us to develop real, impactful solutions that align with industry trends and standards.”

She also aims to lead her team in creating tailor-made eco-bespoke solutions for clients to meet the unique needs of airlines operating on the continent. As well, Kaelis will take a customer-oriented approach that prioritizes understanding the client’s specific challenges and objectives in developing a strategy.

“By actively engaging with our clients, we can tailor our eco-bespoke solutions to not only meet but exceed their expectations. This client-centric approach will be crucial in building long-term partnerships and ensuring mutual success,” Kerber explains.

In addition to putting in the effort to understand the right approach for a client’s unique situation, Kaelis intends to streamline and enhance clients’ operational processes in the coming months. This includes addressing cost-effectiveness, logistics and overall efficiency when developing a strategy.

As Kerber explains, “The goal is to provide solutions that are not only environmentally conscious but also contribute positively to the bottom line of our clients.”

She also wants to see Kaelis move as a market leader in the onboard products industry within North America. Strategic initiatives will be the driver in making the new Irving, Texas location a hub for sustainable innovation.

“By consistently delivering high-quality, eco-friendly solutions in collaboration with LSG, we can differentiate ourselves and capture a significant share of the market,” Kerber says.

Meet Kaelis in Hamburg

Kerber invites visitors at WTCE in May to stop by the Kaelis booth and discover how the company is redefining the onboard services industry. Kaelis will be present at booth 1E10 in Hall A1. Book an appointment with Kerber online to speak with her at the event.

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