March 19 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Kaelis creates duvet for Air India Business Class

By Jane Hobson

Kaelis designs luxury duvet for Air India Business Class 

Kaelis has created a vista inspired duvet for Air India’s Business Class collection. The design of the duvet is based on the peak of the golden window frame which “signifies the limitless possibilities, progressiveness and bold and confident outlook for the future," Kaelis said in its March 18 press release.

The pattern seams form the stitch lines in an aubergine colour against the ivory-coloured base; the aubergine tone is also incorporated on the border of the duvet to reflect a royal elegance, set to remind passengers of the “regal haven that evokes the grandeur of palaces,” when they snuggle into the flatbed seats.

The duvet is made from premium quality materials for a luxurious feeling and optimal temperature regulation. The design lends itself to an ergonomic resting on the body because of the diagonal on which the stitching lines run. It’s practical and comfortable with what Kaelis calls “majestic flair.”

The lightweight duvet is made with durability in mind, incorporating high-quality materials to extend its lifespan. The reduced weight of the duvet overall helps contribute to lower emissions, aiding the airline in lowering its carbon footprint. The duvet is available in Air India’s Business Class cabin for a refined passenger experience.

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