February 29 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Kaelis celebrates Etihad’s 20th anniversary with commemorative tote bag

By Jane Hobson

Sustainable totes from Kaelis for Etihad Economy Class passengers 

Kaelis is marking a major milestone for Etihad Airways with a special gift that puts practicality and sustainability at the forefront. The airline and Kaelis worked closely to develop a design for the bag that tells the story of the airline’s rich history.

The design highlights the airline’s 2003 livery with a red and gold band on an ivory background. An alternative design showcases icons that are associated with Etihad’s growth leading up to its 20th anniversary celebration.

“These characteristic elements woven together tell a story showcasing the evolution of this great airline,” Kaelis said in its press release.

The tote has a practical design that allows it to transform into a compact pocket pouch. The bags are limited edition and serve as a way for the airline to elevate the Economy Class travel experience while promoting sustainability through their reusability.

The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles; each bag is made from a 500-millilitre PET bottle rescued from oceans and landfills.

Inside the tote bag, passengers will find amenities including Beekman hand cream and other inflight essentials such as eye shade, earplugs and a toothbrush.

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