February 13 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Kaelis goes on adventure with Aircalin

By Jane Hobson

Amenity and activity kit for kids on Aircalin

Kaelis has introduced the Aircalin Kids Green Adventures Kids kit, a sustainable travel set with companions designed to elevate the journey for young passengers. The kit features the Fantastic Four Aircalin mascots: the Turtle, the Manatee, the Gecko and the Kagu, essential figures of New Caledonia’s fauna.

The bag is multifunctional, containing many activities to keep kids occupied inflight, and designed to incorporate the green hues of the jungle. Inside is a memory game to stimulate the mind and encourage cognitive development, while educating kids about wildlife. There is also an educational activity book for sketching during the flight. The matching game in the kit is designed to be repeated and unique each time.

The whole range of products in the bag is made from recycled materials. Other items in the travel kit include a recycled carton pencil case, an eye mask and rPET socks. The kits are available to all young passengers travelling on Aircalin.

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