January 31 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

WESSCO International highlights amenity kits collaboration with LATAM Airlines

By Jane Hobson

The complete collection of amenity kits from WESSCO and LATAM has been released

WESSCO International is celebrating the complete release of its amenity kit collection in partnership with LATAM Airlines. The series of amenity kits was first launched back in 2022, featuring the work of Latin American artists. The full collection has now been launched.

“We are proud to have collaborated with LATAM Airlines to create a series of amenity kits that feature the unique work of 8 Latin American artists,” WESSCO International said on LinkedIn.

The sustainable amenity kits are available on LATAM’s Premium Economy flights longer than 3.5 hours or Premium Business flights longer than 3 hours. Each kit features a collectible bag containing a bamboo toothbrush with a sugarcane lid, earplugs wrapped in kraft paper, a sleep mask and socks. The larger kits also feature cosmetics from Feito Brasil.

While the contents of the amenity kits are carefully curated, the company says the “standout element” of each kit is the design and story captured by the artist on the bag.

The eight Latin American artists who contributed to the collection are Tomás Olivos (Chile), Hamilton Aguiar (Brazil), Mariella Agois (Peru), Bettina Vaz Guimarães (Brazil), Ana Bonamico (Argentina), Judy Kaufmann (Chile), Anibal Vallejo (Colombia) and Paula Barragan (Ecuador).

The artists drew inspiration from various sources; Tomás Olivos of Chile feels a responsibility towards his homeland and seeks to showcase the beauty of Chilean nature and traditions in his art. Meanwhile, Peruvian artist Mariella Agois takes inspiration from geometric shapes in everyday life.

Hamilton Aguiar cites his own life as the inspiration and likes to try new things and combine materials for the artwork’s effect.

“I like using different materials, finding and learning new techniques, and making collectible pieces in a wide range of styles,” Aguiar said.

LATAM said the importance of the project goes beyond the individual artists to the recognition of the culture in the region.

“This type of collaboration is a huge showcase for any artist. It’s a way to reach many people who may not necessarily be interested in art but can learn about the wide range of artists and languages in Latin America,” said Anibal Vallejo from Colombia.

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