January 19 2024  |  Amenities & Comfort

Oman Air reduces plastic use onboard with sustainable amenities packaging

By Jane Hobson

Oman Air's inflight blankets are now presented with a thin paper band instead of plastic packaging

Oman Air has taken a step forward in its commitment to sustainability, replacing the plastic used to wrap blankets and mattresses in its premium cabins with a paper-based alternative. The duvets and mattresses in the airline’s fleet will now be presented to guests with branded paper bands, reducing the amount of plastic used by up to 21.6 tons per year. The move comes as part of Oman Air’s ongoing initiative to phase out single-use plastics onboard.

“In a concerted effort guided by our in-house experts and bolstered by collaborations with partners and vendors, we have successfully achieved another milestone in our sustainability efforts. This pivotal step aligns seamlessly with our corporate strategy to reduce waste and choose more environmentally friendly products, reflecting our commitment to national sustainability goals,” said Captain Nasser bin Ahmed Salmi, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Oman Air.

The airline has been working on reducing its onboard plastic consumption over the last few years. It previously removed the plastic sleeves used to load cutlery and reduced plastic water bottles and cups by up to 50 percent on certain routes.

In 2023, Oman Air also replaced 80 percent of its inflight service carts with lightweight alternatives to aid in fuel efficiency.

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