December 20 2023  |  Amenities & Comfort

Crafting versatility: Uzbekistan Airways introduces utility toiletry bag

By Jane Hobson

The dual purpose amenity kit from Kaelis

Kaelis has created a unique amenity kit collection for Uzbekistan Airways using the airline’s signature colours, red and blue. The pattern on the kits is a distinctive Uzbek geometrical pattern, Kaelis said in its press release, reflecting the airline’s identity.

The cultural touches turn the amenity kit into a personal token that represents the beauty of Uzbekistan. It is a rich cultural piece that passengers can take with them after their flight and continue to use during their travels, thanks to the design. The kit is dual-purpose, both elevating the passenger experience and becoming a utility toiletry bag for travellers.

The bag is foldable and has an integrated hanger so it transitions from a travel toiletry bag to a shower accessory. The multi-purpose aspect of the amenity kit makes it reusable and more sustainable as well. The materials chosen for crafting the product were selected based on Kaelis’ environmental responsibility. The pouch is made from recycled PET, intended to reduce the ecological footprint.

The items inside the kit, including a wooden shoe horn, bamboo comb and dental kit are also eco-friendly. The kit is packaged in kraft paper and all of the items are consciously designed to be sustainable in a time of responsible travel.

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