December 12 2023  |  Amenities & Comfort

Icelandair introduces Business Class kit with local artist

By Jane Hobson

The Icelandair amenity kits featuring artwork from Icelandic artist, Sara Riel

SkySupply announced on December 11 the launch of Icelandair’s Business Class amenity kit. SkySupply designed and developed two concepts for the onboard items featuring the work of Reykjavík, Iceland artist, Sara Riel.

The pattern of the mural and vegetation map “Flóran / The Flora” is a key component of the amenity kits’ design and contents. The bags are made of high-quality Kraft paper in line with the company’s focus on creating sustainable, meaningful and long-lasting products. The amenity kit is available in two different shapes.

SkySupply said that creating an amenity kit for a national carrier requires incorporating the airline’s brand message and the destination’s DNA into the product design. That’s where the idea of using local design references and emphasizing Iceland’s connection to nature by producing a sustainable product came into play.

Securing a local connection between the amenity kit design and Icelandic culture was important. “Flóran / The Flora” (2019), which depicts a collection of native Icelandic plants and herbs, is a mural in Reykjavík covering three walls, at a height of eight meters.

The kit incorporates two varieties of the “Flóran / The Flora” design. The imagery appears on the bag, on a grey background, and also decorates the banderole, the sleeping mask and the packaging of the earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste.

The original mural’s colours were adapted to reflect Icelandair’s brand colours, which are mainly blue. The amenity kit includes an Icelandair leaflet, Verso cosmetics (face moisturizer and lip balm), socks and three different postcards with illustrations of Iceland’s landscapes by Riel.

Iceland has a strong connection to its land and environment, which is reflected in the sustainability of the amenity kit. For the bags, SkySupply used 100 percent sustainable Kraft paper. The toothbrush is made of bamboo, which is eco-friendly and naturally derived. The packaging of the toothbrush and toothpaste set and the earplugs is made of paper. The socks in the amenity kit are produced of recycled polyester and the sleeping mask is made of recycled TC.

The press release said the kit is likely to become a collector’s item that can either be repurposed and used at home or utilized as a cosmetic pouch for future travels.

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