December 6 2023  |  Amenities & Comfort

Amouage and Buzz bring bespoke amenities to Oman Air

By Jane Hobson

Bespoke amenities from Amouage and Buzz for Oman Air

Amouage has revealed luxurious bespoke amenities created exclusively for Oman Air, in partnership with Buzz. In a press release about the products from the High Perfumery House, Buzz said that the amenity kit is inspired by the history of Oman, encompassing the concepts of faraway travels alongside the patrimonial values of Amouage.

Amouage is deeply rooted in Oman’s heritage; the company was founded at the request of His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said 40 years ago. With the goal of reviving the ancient Arabian culture of perfumery and bringing it to the world as a core sentiment of the company, Amouage found its values in line with those of Oman Air.

Passengers traveling in premium cabins on the airline will be able to enjoy the high-quality sets created in partnership with Buzz. The amenity kits contain an assortment of skincare products, such as facial moisturizers and lip balms, to ensure a comfortable and sensory passenger experience.

First Class amenities
Passengers in Oman Air’s First Class cabin will also have a special experience with Amouage through the fragrances Epic Man & Epic Woman.

“These scents unfurl a narrative inspired by the Silk Road, where mythical landscapes of mineral dunes and lush steppes adorned with caravanserais redolent with exotic spices and distant blossoms beckon. It's a fragrant homage to the millennia-old history of the Sultanate of Oman and its pivotal role in the storied spice and incense trade routes,” said Buzz in the press release.

The women’s First Class set comes in an elongated bag in a sandy hue while the men’s comes in a cocoa-coloured toiletry bag featuring contrasting handles. Both sets are inspired by the natural colours featured in Oman’s landscapes.

Business Class amenities
The Business Class amenities come in a chic, unisex folio-style kit, in a light cashmere hue. Inside, passengers will find the Amouage perfume ‘Meander’, inspired by the sights, scents and emotions of Salalah's monsoon season.

All First and Business Class amenity kits in this collection come with additional items such as an eye mask, a gentle hand cleansing gel, mouthwash and 3M earplugs for passenger comfort.

“The new amenity sets mark a new chapter in the harmonious partnership between Amouage and Oman Air. They are at the intersection of Omani hospitality and the vision of luxury that we have upheld for four decades but, above all, they are an extension of the Amouage wave, which has ceaselessly guided our artistic endeavours, carrying them to distant shores like the waves that have carried Oman's treasures to every corner of the globe. I believe that these amenity sets will continue to perpetuate the meaning and essence of those journeys that make up Oman's distinctive identity,” said Renaud Salmon, Chief Creative Officer of Amouage.

The amenity kits are an important move for Amouage because they embrace the brand’s origins and encapsulate the experience of visiting Oman for passengers travelling on Oman Air.

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