October 3 2023  |  Amenities & Comfort

Hawaiian collaborates with Noho Home for amenity kits

By Alex Preston

Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Business Class inflight amenity kit

Hawaiian Airlines has selected Hawaiʻi lifestyle brand Noho Home by Jalene Kanani Bell to design its new inflight amenity kits and soft goods with a focus on sustainability and rooted in aloha, and inspired by the airline’s newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium cabin, the Leihōkū Suites.

Together with amenity kit partner, FORMIA and soft goods manufacturer WESSCO, Business Class passengers traveling on Hawaiian’s long-haul international flights and between Hawai‘i and New York, Boston and Austin from November 6, will be offered amenities made with responsibly sourced materials. Passengers will receive a recycled plastic canvas bag containing essential items and will be offered an assortment of additional amenities a la carte to minimize waste.

Business Class seats will also feature a plush quilt adorned with the new signature Kilo Hōkū and ʻŌlali designs, as well as a mattress pad and sleeping pillow. The quilt and mattress pad use a fabric made from recycled plastic.

Passengers seated in Extra Comfort and Main Cabin will receive new amenity kits featuring the Lele design.

Inspiration for the three designs came from the native Hawaiian practice of kilo, or careful and constant observation, and tells a story of exploration through patterns, colors, designs and textures.

Kilo Hōkū, or stargazer, is a design inspired by breathtaking time-lapse photography of the night sky. Weaving a wreath of stars, or Leihōkū, the design is a captivating visual representation of the eternal nature of the cosmos, a testament to the timeless dance of stars and planets that have guided voyagers throughout history.

Lele means to “fly or leap” and celebrates the marvel of flight and the spirit of adventure, while ʻŌlali means to “glide smoothly” like a bird in the air or dolphin in the ocean.

“Our collaboration with Noho Home was born out of the shared desire to create a sense of place and establish a connection to home while we bring our guests to their destination,” said Alisa Onishi, Senior Director of Brand and Community and Cultural Relations at Hawaiian Airlines in a October 2 statement. “We are very proud of the creativity behind these designs and can’t wait for our guests to receive them.”

“I am humbled, honoured, and excited to draw inspiration from and bring attention to the art of celestial wayfinding and how indigenous knowledge informs innovation with the Leihōkū collection," said Noho Home founder, Jalene Kanani Bell. "From the streamlined curves of humpback whales, which allow them to increase lift while reducing drag as they glide through the ocean or the aerodynamic shape of bird’s wings as they fly through a rainstorm. It is our hope that these products spark meaningful conversations and foster connections to our island home, rooted in the spirit of aloha.”

Hawaiian Airlines and Noho Home will also be extending their partnership with a retail collection of home goods. The Hawaiian Airlines x Noho Home Leihōkū Collection launches the same day and will be available for purchase onboard select Hawaiian Airlines flights or directly through Noho Home.

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