March 29 2022  |  Amenities & Comfort

Video Clip: Happy K introduces amenity kit

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's 2022 Amenities & Comfort digital edition with bonus Food & Beverage coverage, on page 4.

Happy K Solutions has launched a new travel safe amenity kit. Designed with double function post-flight, the K-Trustkit has space for a cell phone, passport, travel documents, wallet and more.

The Happy K Solutions amenity line includes a purse and pouch

Available in two designs, a purse or a pouch, it includes two pairs of disposable gloves, reusable three-layer face mask with adjustable ear line, refillable sanitizer and surface spray bottles and antigen COVID test kit. It also has a removable clear inner plastic bag that holds all contents for security checks.

The kit includes refillable hand sanitizer

“With the current new world, safety products are more important than a razor or moisturizing cream, so we went with what we think is really important to travelers these days,” says Keerthi “Happy” Hapugasdeniya, Founder of Happy K Solutions.

The kit is ideal for airline passengers and hotel guests alike. Currently, it is distributed to VIP hotel guests.

The luxury design merges safety and fashion

Happy K Solutions plans to produce more luxury amenity kits in the future that offer value to the passenger with high-end products.

“The high-quality, elegant K-Trustkit is designed to enjoy the harmony of luxury and safety when on the go,” says Hapugasdeniya.

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