October 5 2021  |  Amenities & Comfort

FORMIA launches premium class Bvlgari bags for Emirates featuring exclusive fragrance

By Jane Hobson

This article is featured in PAX International's October 2021 digital edition, on page 10, and the December IFSA EXPO Long Beach 2021 digital edition, page 8.

The FORMIA female bag features the fragrance Rubinia

Passengers flying Emirates’ premium classes expect an exquisite experience at every step of their journey. Along with delightful inflight food service and stunning cabin details, Emirates’ premium class passengers will also receive a classy aromatic experience thanks to a new amenities concept between the airline and Italian luxury brand Bvlgari.

FORMIA joined forces with Emirates and Bvlgari to create a collection of eight bags for First and Business Class travelers. Each is embossed with the distinctive Bvlgari logo, has Bvlgari branded inner lining and outer color palettes that complement the exclusive 30 milliliter Bvlgari fragrance inside.

The fragrances are part of the Bvlgari ‘Le Gemme’ collection, inspired by different gemstones. The ‘female First Class’ fragrance ‘Rubinia’ showcases ruby; the ‘male First Class’ fragrance ‘Tygar’ is named after the magnetic gem Tiger’s Eye. Both are presented in sleek black faux leather amenity bags, with red and tan trim respectively.

For Business Class passengers, the ‘female’ bag features a gold faux leather finish with the fragrance ‘Omnia Crystalline.’ The scent is inspired by pure crystal. The ‘male’ bag comes in a two-tone fabric with a functional carry handle, featuring the fragrance ‘Aqva Pour Homme.’ Passengers also receive Bvlgari luxury lip balm, body lotion and face cream – all in respective fragrances.

FORMIA designed the eight bags for versatile uses, from cosmetic bags to travel pouches. The company also created essential and sustainable onboard comfort products to help ensure satisfied passengers: toothbrushes; combs and mirrors made of wheat straw; and, a dental kit that comes wrapped in rice paper.

“We are particularly proud of the results of this collaboration. Not only does it ooze sophistication and opulence, it also addresses the growing need for reusable and long-lasting designs,” said Roland Grohmann, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at FORMIA.

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