September 26 2021  |  Amenities & Comfort

John Horsfall introduces recycled fabrics range Re-Thread

By Jane Hobson

The Re-Thread line launched by John Horsfall

John Horsfall is introducing Re-Thread, a range of recycled, regenerated and plant-based fibers and fabrics for use in onboard comfort items. John Horsfall’s Re-Thread programme enables airlines to choose well made, considerately sourced & long-lasting products.

Taking influence from the worlds of technical textiles and sports-wear, the R&D team have worked closely with specialist manufactures to bring recycled, sustainable and long-lasting fabrics to the commercial aviation market.

Re-Thread offers airlines a holistic approach to sustainability, taking into account all aspects of the product life cycle; from raw materials to logistics, packaging, longevity, laundry and end-of-life disposal.

The Re-Thread range from John Horsfall offers sustainable options to airlines, including woven blankets, duvet fillings and pillow fillings

The range includes blankets, fillings and cotton.

Re-Thread blankets
Innovative woven blankets use fibers generated from post-consumer-waste. Offering bespoke design opportunities and lessening micro-plastic shedding compared with fleece blankets; these blankets can also last at least 100 washes. Value for money and a sustainable alternative to short-life products.

Re-Thread fillings
Pillows, duvets and mattresses can now be made with 100 percent recycled fiber filling. Diverting plastic waste from landfill & offering the same levels of comfort & warmth as virgin fibres.

Re-Thread BioFiber by John Horsfall

Re-Gen Cotton
Regenerated cotton fibers from post-consumer textile waste such as denim garments can be used in our soft woven bedding and all-in-one duvets.

Dupont’s Eco-efficient performance fiber is made from 37 percent annually renewable plant-based ingredients. Perfect in premium pillows as a non-animal alternative to feather & down

The responsible choice for Economy disposables, BioFibre is made with reclaimed waste-wood, using a clean, chemical-free process.

Plastic-free packaging
The innovative alternatives to single use plastic. Integral packaging solutions which are better for the environment, and for the passenger experience; including blankets, duvets and mattresses with in-built pockets and ties, and rotable branded bags perfectly designed to maximize at-seat sustainable messaging.

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