June 29 2021  |  Amenities & Comfort

United Airlines updates premium kits with Buzz

By Jane Hobson

United Airlines has updated its premium cabin amenity kit offering with Buzz

United Airlines has expanded its premium cabin kit offering on flights to Hawaii from U.S. and Guam as part of its ongoing effort to refine onboard amenities for passengers.

Created by Buzz, United's offering includes a range of three kits. Two of the kits are Hawaii-themed, featuring images of tropical palm trees and island landscapes. The third style of kit features "quirky words on each product, bringing humor to the journey," says the June 26 press release from Buzz.

The kit features eye mask, earplugs, dental kit and colorful postcard for the Hawaii flight

Passengers receive eye masks, earplugs and a dental kit, as well as postcard with tropical destination graphics.

A lip balm from Sunday Riley provides a touch of Business Class luxury, with pomegranate seed oil and shea butter for hydration during flight.

Buzz created the three functional kits for United Airlines premium cabin

The frosted material and metal zipper pull closure on the bag ensures it is strong and robust for reuse. The kits are distributed with Kimble closure eliminating the need for individual poly bags and unnecessary waste.

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