November 11 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

Plane Talking Products to supply antimicrobial products to airlines

By Rick Lundstrom

The HeiQ V-Block can be used on blankets, pillows and headrest covers

Plane Talking Products, based in Hampshire, United Kingdom, today announced a worldwide exclusive deal with HeiQ for the Swiss-developed HeiQ V-Block in the aviation sector.

HeiQ V-Block is a protective invisible layer that provides a continuous, long-lasting antimicrobial protection to the surface of a product.

“Many airlines are struggling to convince the public that it’s comfortable to fly again,” says Alison Wells, co-founder and director of Plane Talking Products, in today’s announcement. “We want to help change that. This breakthrough Swiss technology means airlines can provide protection against microbes on cabin products, giving travelers the comfort in resuming air travel. It’s an industry game-changer, and we are the only company in this sector to offer the HeiQ V-Block end-to-end ecosystem. Common cabin items like blankets, pillows and headrest covers can all be infused with HeiQ V-Block, offering protection for the life of most onboard products.”

Microbes on textile surfaces over long periods can cause odor or other deterioration to the fibers, HeiQ V-Block technology inhibits their growth and prevent their colonization on textiles and can be applied to all fiber types. Unlike other products, HeiQ V-Block is active and remains effective for up to 30 washes for rotable products.

Plane Talking is working with the The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland, along with airlines to develop products and surfaces used at every stage of the journey: from check-in, lounge and boarding through the onboard environment and cabin furnishings to cabin cleaning, added John Caulcutt, co-founder and director of Plane Talking Products.

Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ Group, said, “We are driven by the purpose of improving the lives of people and communities by perfecting everyday products. HeiQ V-Block is a breakthrough innovation extending a special combination of advanced silver and cosmetic vesicle technology. As a leading textile technology company, we are pleased to partner with Plane Talking Products to extend our offering to helping the airlines and benefiting millions of passengers with our technology.”

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