May 28 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

deSter expands hygiene product offering

By Jane Hobson

As the airline industry gets back to business, gategroup has announced that its deSter company is further expanding the range of hygienic products to meet new passenger requirements. The items can be customized to meet different requests across both the airline and food service industries and have been designed in-house by the specialist DeSter team.

deSter's team focused its designs on delivering personal protective solutions for individuals, with items in the range including face masks, wipes, hand sanitizer and hygienic packs containing a number of items.

Based on deSter's expertise in providing hygienic product offerings to Gate Gourmet catering units, the company also offers protective gowns, shoe covers, hairnets and visors.

The company also produces items such as disinfecting towels, mouth masks, face shields and ear guards (a product designed to relieve the pressure of long-term use of visors and masks) at its own in-house facilities in Europe, Asia and the US. According to the press release, this will ensure a robust supply chain capable of meeting demand.

The new range is also suitable for us in home delivery, restaurants and airline lounges.

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