May 13 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

How Global Inflight Products stays green in a blue world

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX International's May Amenities & Comfort 2020 digital edition.

Global Inflight Products develops sustainable, eco-friendly onboard products using material such as birch, bamboo, sugar cane, wheat straw, palm leaves and cork as part of its Green Is Possible line

When Global Inflight Products launched its sustainable, eco-friendly product line Green Is Possible in 2010, it was a relatively new concept, explains the onboard product supplier’s Chief Executive Officer Lisa Benzaoui. “As an environmentally-conscious company, we felt it was important to translate this into the travel industry and airlines’ inflight products.”

Some of the first products included bamboo fiber towels for hot or cold use and sugar cane beverage napkins.

“As the popularity of eco-friendly products grew, airlines began to focus on transitioning their standard onboard products to incorporate more sustainable options,” Benzaoui adds.

With the current state of the industry, Global Inflight Products is diligently maintaining its focus on sustainable products while simultaneously keeping its airline customers’ passengers’ comfortable when they eventually board the aircraft again. Global Inflight Products offers personal hygiene and protection products which includes various disposable non-woven face masks, gloves, individual hand wipes and individual hot/cold towels – more hygienic by being packaged separately.

“These are the perfect items to provide to airlines’ staff, crew and passengers to reassure them that the airlines are thinking about their health and safety,” Benzaoui says. “They can also be packaged in an eco-friendly pouch or bag for easy distribution.”

With sustainability important to its essence, Benzaoui says the company plans to continue to innovate its eco-friendly product line while striving to create economically viable options.

Now nearly 10 years after its launch, the Green Is Possible line includes natural biodegradable and recyclable products using sustainable materials such as birch, bamboo, sugar cane, wheat straw, palm leaves, cork and more to create useful, unique onboard products such as stir-sticks, napkins, cups, trash bags and amenity kits.

“Our newest blanket is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles that are transformed into a fine thread which is then woven into an amazingly soft blanket,” Benzaoui explains.

The company also provides onboard waste reduction solutions, such as eliminating the plastic bag for a cutlery pack and replacing it with a clever, pocket-fold cutlery pouch ideal for reusable stainless steel or disposable sustainable cutlery.

“Having eco-friendly/sustainable solutions is important to GIP, its airline customers and airline passengers because globally we must all work together do our part to implement earth-friendly solutions for the benefit of our planet's overall health,” Benzaoui says.

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