April 20 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

Stellar Entertainment scores Malaysia Airlines

By Jane Hobson

Stellar Entertainment has announced that it has created customized boarding music for Malaysia Airlines. Travelers flying on Malaysia's national carrier will sense a more distinctive Malaysian ambience when boarding the flight.

As the content service provider for the airline, Stellar Entertainment captured the rich cultural diversity of the airline's homeland through both traditional and contemporary music styles. This bespoke boarding music is a first for Malaysia Airlines.

"Boarding music serves as more than just to soothe and entertain passengers. It also showcases an airline's brand identity," said the press release from Stellar Entertainment. "In addition, Stellar Entertainment helps clients improve the sonic strategy in other ways while offering creative production services from its state-of-the-art-multi-studio facilities."

The craftsmanship of the music was carried out by Stellar Entertainment's in-house composer, Luke Mason, a recipient of multiple Anugerah Industry Muzik awards, who spent 20 years in Malaysia. As a result, Mason was able to capture the essence of this Southeast Asian nation in a creative composition.

The extended composition portrays Malaysia through a range of rhythms, sounds and instruments such as the erhu, pinai (flute), gamelan, sitar, bowed string chorodphone, providing amazing textural layers of ethnic notes. The familiar sounds of piano, guitar and drums help to reflect Malaysia's contemporary culture.

Throughout the piece, there are also subtle 'Malaysia' vocals woven in to once again strengthen the connection between the music and the Malaysia Airlines brand.

According to the press release, "Stellar Entertainment believes this uniquely customized boarding music exudes a natural and melodious sense of calm and joy, offering Malaysian's familiar nostalgic welcome onboard while giving non-Malaysians a rhythmic feel of the country's cultural heritage and diversity."

The piece is currently rolled out across the entire Malaysia Airlines fleet.

"Since its implementation, the unique composition has received much praise by the public and ignited pride among Malaysians," the release continued.

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