January 17 2020  |  Amenities & Comfort

Clip creates Premium Economy bag for EVA Air

By Jane Hobson

Clip announced today its latest amenity kit creation for EVA Air. Designed in collaboration with Belgian bag brand Kipling, known for its fashionable, lightweight bags, the kits feature the brand’s iconic crinkle fabric and monkey mascot.

The bag will be introduced in multiple collectible colors and styles representing famous Taiwan architectural landmarks, such as Taipei 101. The kits come with eyeshades, socks, dental set, comb and earplugs, as well as a lip balm and face cream by New York brand Hudson Made from the Morning Shift collection.

“EVA is consistently dedicated to delivering the most comfortable and luxurious passenger services possible,” said EVA President Clay Sun, in the announcement from Clip. “We choose top global brands that complement our high standards and work in cooperation with them to create world-class amenities and service items as part of our never-ending mission to innovate and deliver increasingly better flying experiences for our passengers.”

Cindy Lam, director at Clip, added; “Putting this unique and fun kit together with Kipling and EVA Air has been an inspiring process. We truly created something special for the passengers; by marrying Taiwan’s Taipei 101 on the back of the Kipling bag and adding the iconic monkey keyring to the bag; both airline and brand are providing an exceptional experience that is meant to last long after the flight.”

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