November 20 2019  |  Amenities & Comfort

Hawaiian reveals inflight amenities with Kealopiko

By Jane Hobson

The kits are sustainably dyed, cut and hand-sewn in Moloka'i, Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines has announced that it has launched a new line of inflight amenities focused on sustainability. The launch was made possible through partnership with Moloka’i, Hawaii-based brand Kealopiko and airline amenities supplier WESSCO International.

Guests traveling between Hawaii and the carrier’s international and select United States mainland destinations will receive these with amenities and soft goods starting November 26.

Adorned with coral and fern patterns that pay homage to the region's delicate natural resources, the exclusive collection reflects the two companies’ shared commitment to Hawaiian culture, care for the environment and its island visitors, says the release from Hawaiian Airlines. Named ‘Ēkaha, the Hawaiian term for black coral, the collection alludes to the deep, symbolic relationship between the land and sea.

International Business Class and JFK/BOS First Class passengers will receive a Hawaiian Airlines-branded canvas clutch, available in two different colors, with the coral print and coconut button. International guests seated in Extra Comfort will receive a felt pouch with a wood tag.

Both kits include a bamboo comb, socks, dental kit, earbuds, earplugs, hand and body lotion, lip balm, hydrating mist, sleep mask, sunscreen sample and tissues. The kits feature eco-friendly paper packaging as part of Hawaiian’s move to reduce single-use plastics in its fleet.

Starting November 26, these kits are available to passengers traveling between Hawaii and the carrier’s international and select United States mainland destinations

“This collaboration gave us and Hawaiian Airlines an opportunity to design a beautiful collection that also shares a significant mo’olelo (story),” said Kealopiko co-owner Jamie Makasobe, in a statement from Hawaiian. Kealopiko was founded by three women who wanted to share the rich culture of Hawaii and protect the environment as an eco-conscious brand. Production is done in a small shop on Moloka’i, where organic materials are sustainably dyed, cut and sewn by hand before being sold online or in its downtown Honolulu store. Each designs honors indigenous wildlife, language, practices, royalty, elders, ancestors, stories and history.

“Embarking on this redesign, we knew we wanted a partner who could help us tell the stories of our island home,” said Avi Mannis, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hawaiian Airlines, in the release. “Kealopiko was a natural fit. Their sustainable product and bold, contemporary design align with our values and complement the flight experience we want to offer our guests.”

In addition, Kealopiko is also releasing a limited clothing line. The apparel will be available for purchase beginning November 29, in-store and online. A percentage will be donated to local nonprofit Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo, with Hawaiian Airlines matching up to $10,000. The organization works to advance community-based natural resource management in Hawaii.

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