March 27 2019  |  Amenities & Comfort

Inflight sustainability isn't slowing soon: WESSCO

By PAX International

WESSCO International has had its finger on the pulse of the inflight eco-movement for more than a decade. We reached out to the company for comment on where the onus lies when it comes to delivering sustainable options to passengers.

On its approach to sustainability: WESSCO has launched and marketed a sustainable products collection every year since 2008. We look for ways to add this dimension to our discussions with all of our customers. Over the last few years we have seen interest in such ideas grow significantly, to the point where the discussion is now being driven by our customers, and touches almost every project we work on.

On how to create more affordable, sustainable options: There are creative ways to look at product and packaging design that can actually reduce the overall cost to our customers, by changing the nature of what and how these products are delivered to passengers. A simple example is the use of recycled materials in the various textile products which can often be less expensive than the virgin materials they replace or supplement.

On where the responsibility lies: Airlines are driven to provide a great experience to their passengers first and foremost, and a key aspect of that is aligning with the values of those passengers in order to connect on an emotional level. As public awareness of sustainability increases, airlines are focused more and more on showing what they are doing in this area. Consumers are increasingly vocal about sustainable options and airlines are paying attention.

On where the trend is going: As long as airlines are profitable we will see sustainability play a bigger role in product selection, but other factors (passenger experience, cost) also play major roles. Airlines will continue to weigh all of these factors in determining their onboard product needs.

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