February 20 2019  |  Amenities & Comfort

New luxury amenity kits land on American Airlines

By Rachel Debling

The airline's International Flagship First and Business Class kits

American Airlines (AA) has launched its 2019 series of premium kits featuring rising lifestyle and skincare brands.

The kits, which began flying mid-February, were designed in collaboration with up-and-coming companies such as This Is Ground, Athletic Propulsion Labs and STATE Bags. Products were supplied by Allies of Skin, Zenology, FlyFit and Baxter of California. Each kit also contains the essentials – an eye mask, earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

“American is always exploring ways to innovate and make our customers’ travel experience more relaxing and enjoyable, especially on long-haul flights,” said Janelle Anderson, Vice President of Global Marketing for American, in a February 6 press release. “The changes we’ve made to this year’s amenity kits were driven by our customers’ feedback about what they desire and value while traveling. Our goal is to curate an elevated and restful travel journey, and our new amenity kits are an exciting piece of the onboard and our overall brand experience. We’re thrilled to partner with these brands and offer customers a fresh, modern collection of premium inflight products.”

International Flagship First and Business

The bags for AA's International Flagship First and Business Class kits, designed by WESSCO International, were created by This Is Ground, a Los Angeles-based leather accessory company, in a variety of style and color rotations. Inside the kits passengers will find skincare products from Allies of Skin.

Transcontinental Flagship First and Business

Shoe company Athletic Propulsion Labs provided the bags for AA's Transcontinental Flagship First and Business Class kits, made in partnership with FORMIA. Products from Zenology and a FlyFit hydration pack are also included.

International Premium Economy

STATE Bags, a company known for its community-enriching initiatives, designed two differently colored bags for AA's International Premium Economy passengers. The kits were provided by WESSCO International and feature Baxter of California skincare products.

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