May 7 2018  |  Amenities & Comfort

skysupply develops First Class kits for Lufthansa

By Rachel Debling

Lufthansa’s female (left) and male (right) First Class kits, developed by skysupply

skysupply and Lufthansa have come together with the German fashion company windsor. for a series of smart male and female amenity kits for the airline’s First Class guests.

Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director at skysupply, commented on the collaboration in a statement: “We are very excited to announce this special partnership: windsor. and Lufthansa both represent German workmanship, a long tradition and, at the same time, a visionary view towards the future. Our design and production teams were able to introduce amenity kits which reflect both companies’ promise of quality and style. It’s an honor to be part of this holistic First Class experience.”

Lufthansa’s latest amenity kits were created with windsor.’s trademark elegant designs in mind. The black and silver male kit is “based on the guiding principle [of] form follows function,” a release from skysupply notes, with compartments that serve both a style and a structural purpose, keeping all personal effects in order. The Elephant grey female edition, also with silver trimmings, comes with a separate strap so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag while shopping or when attending evening functions.

Each kit contains high-quality amenity and travel items such as earplugs, socks, a dental set, an eye mask, brush, shoe polish and shoehorn, and exclusive La Prairie cosmetic products

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