September 26 2018  |  Amenities & Comfort

Educational kids' kits launch on Air Astana

By Rachel Debling

Air Astana and Kaelis have teamed up to create a new series of fun and educational children's amenity kits perfect for use during and post-flight.

The kits come in two age ranges with specific characters corresponding with each concept. For children between the ages of three and six there is Super Chef, Smashing Super Hero and Voluntary Vet, while Amazing Architect, Dangerous Detective and Extreme Explorer are available for kids in the seven to 11 range. The goal is to provide traveling children the opportunity to become their "dream character."

The first kits to fly are Super Chef and Amazing Architect, which include items that children can use after their flight and on a daily basis.

Super Chef: Allows children to discover new recipes and invent their own. They can also design their menu with their favorite dishes.

Smashing Super Hero: This kit comes with instructions explaining their "super hero" mission.

Voluntary Vet: Children will be provided with all they need to cure their pets and acquire knowledge on how to succeed as a veterinarian.

Amazing Architect: Young passengers will be tasked with creating a new building they wished existed in the world.

Dangerous Detective: Through given tasks, children will have to solve a mystery and discover the "when, why and how of things."

Extreme Explorer: Orel the eagle will accompany Air Astana’s young guests throughout their journey through every corner of the world.

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