July 12 2018  |  Trolleys & Galleys

Bucher's ARCTICart granted TSO authorization

By Rachel Debling

ARCTICart photo copyright Bucher

On June 27, Bucher Aerospace was granted the Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization from the FAA for its highly insulated ARCTICart, which allows aircraft operators to start testing and using the solution in flight.

Bucher Aerospace CEO Francisco Aguilera noted in a statement from the company: "The ARCTICart program was launched with the ambitious and clear objective to present aircraft operators a solution to significantly reduce weight and power consumption of airplanes by allowing the removal of chillers from commercial aircraft”.

The ARCTICart is able to keep contents below 4 degrees Celcius for up to 20 hours without the use of chillers, dry ice, power supply, operating fluids or other active cooling, and its design does not reduce the amount of usable space of any ATLAS size cart.

This extended time period means that airlines no longer have to use chillers on intercontinental flights, the press release noted. Operational expenses can also be reduced by decreasing the number of catering stations used in an airline's continental or domestic networks, it went on to claim.

The ARCTICart's design contains technology used in the transportation of pharmaceuticals and human organs in a non-metallic structure, a first for the airline industry.

Other benefits of the ARCTICart include less noise in the cabin, lower maintenance (when compared to maintenance-intensive chillers) and less power consumption.

A half-size version of the ARCTICart will be released in the near future.

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