June 19 2024  |  Seating

LSEAT gains momentum in Hamburg

By Robynne Trueman

Yves Hendrickx, CEO, LSEAT at AIX

LSEAT is an Economy Class seat kit that is easily installed to existing seats to create a Premium Economy experience. LSEAT CEO Yves Hendrickx dreamed up the idea from his own experience travelling in what he calls an Economy Class “chair” rather than a comfortable seat that lends itself to sleep inflight.

“The Economy class ‘chair’ started with the beginning of commercial aviation and has not changed since during a century, except with the introduction of a 12-degree recline backrest and introduction of a video screen,” Hendrickx tells PAX Tech. “LSEAT is a century change."

It took Hendrickx two and a half years to find the right combination of materials and design components applicable to almost all seats. This time was also spent achieving compliance with FAA and EASA regulations to avoid seat re-certification. Now, the widely patent-protected LSEAT solution is ready to take flight, with the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) providing the opportunity for the company to find a launch customer.

LSEAT saw approximately 250 delegates visit its booth and prepared close to 50 requested quotations from airline customers following the show, demonstrating a level of interest in the product that Hendrickx was thrilled to see, he tells PAX Tech.

He attributes the enthusiasm of airline customers to the product’s ability to increase airline revenue and its unique upfront investment model.

Passengers experiencing a laydown seat in Economy Class with LSEAT

He explains that the initial investment in LSEAT permits a six-month trial period. During the initial six months of installing LSEAT on an aircraft, airlines can markup the ticket price as it provides a Premium Economy experience. The deal requires airlines in this phase to split 50 percent of LSEAT sale profits with LSEAT. The airline can then decide, after the trial period, to return the seats or buy them out for permanent use.

Hendrickx calls it a “no-risk investment” with a four to five-month lead time for delivery to the airline. He adds that the Economy kit pays for itself in less than two months when ticket prices are increased on these seats.

Following a successful AIX for LSEAT, Hendrickx is setting his sights on the North American market in the coming months.

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