June 3 2024  |  Seating

ATR unveils HighLine All-Business Class configuration with Geven's ETEREA seat

By Robynne Trueman

The ETEREA seat 

ATR unveiled the new HighLine All-Business Class configuration at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024 last week in Hamburg. The business class configuration will fly with the new ETEREA seat, designed by Geven.

The ETEREA seat is equipped with USB A+C charging ports, a Personal Electronic Device (PED) holder, a large tray table and an individual side console with a built-in stowage compartment that doubles as a tabletop. The seat is designed to be versatile and cater to the needs of the modern traveller.

Passengers can stow a large carry-on bag under the seat for easy access to essential items without compromising their personal space onboard.

The ETEREA is crafted with high-quality finishes and materials to ensure passenger comfort and the durability of the seat. The seat is ergonomically designed to provide optimal support. The seat width is 21.6 inches between armrests along with a generous recline and optional leg rest.

"This new luxury shuttle configuration, with the ETEREA business seat, will redefine corporate and semi-private travels with an elevated guest experience without compromising on sustainability. The ATR HighLine cabin collection is designed to offer unparalleled comfort, luxury and convenience whilst benefitting from the remarkable fuel efficiency of the turboprop technology,” said Zuzana Hrnkova, ATR's Vice President of Marketing.

ETEREA also features adjustable privacy screens to provide a restful, relaxing journey to Business Class passengers.

“ETEREA was conceived as a fellowship between ATR and Geven in the high-end segment. The project aims to elevate the flying experience by swelling comfort, appeal privacy, and available space. The seat brand enhances the concept of pure beauty perceptible to touch and sight,” said Danilo Malacaria, Deputy Head of Programs at Geven.

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