May 28 2024  |  Seating

RECARO debuts seating rebrand at AIX 2024

By Robynne Trueman in Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer, RECARO, at a press briefing in Hamburg

RECARO Aircraft Seating returns to the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week for another year as an exhibitor, this time debuting a sustainable seating option for airlines and rebranding its entire selection of seats.

“It took us years to train our customers about all the names,” jokes Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer, RECARO, at a press briefing in Hamburg. “And now you know it and so we said it’s time for a change.”

All of the new seat names begin with an R to maintain a consistent connection with the brand that the seat names formerly didn’t reflect. The goal of the renaming is to provide greater clarity for its customers about the seating portfolio.

R1: Formerly SL3710 (short/med-range, Economy class)

RECARO's R1 seats 

The R1 seat is a short-range Economy Class seat designed for flights between 1 to 3 hours in length. It features an integrated headrest and is lightweight, at 8.5 kilograms.

R2: Formerly BL3710 (short/med-range, Economy Class)

RECARO's R2 seats 

The R2 Economy Class seat from RECARO has an adjustable six-way headrest and is a popular choice with uptake of around 70 to 90 percent among RECARO customers. The smartphone stand on the back of the seat allows passengers to watch IFE on their personal devices inflight. The tray tables on the R2 seat feature a bi-directional latch that makes it easier for cabin crew to operate with one hand.

R3: Formerly CL3810 (medium/long-range, Economy Class)

RECARO's R3 seat 

The R3 Economy Class seat is a medium to long-range Economy class seat featuring a seatback IFE screen.

R4: Formerly PL3810 (Premium Class)

RECARO's R4 seats 

The R4 seat was launched last year at the Aircraft Interiors Expo and offers a completely new design for premium class. The seat features a 17.2-inch tray table, a privacy shield on the headrest and a step on the aisle seat to help cabin crew reach the overhead bins.

R5: Formerly CL4710 (Business Class)

RECARO's R5 seats 

The R5 is a business class, short range seat that has sold more than 1000 shipsets to date.

“What you can see very clearly is we are honing our focus on comfort in the business class short range,” Hiller says.

The R5 features an Integrated bi-fold table width of 21.5 inches with two headrest configurations. The seatback display is an integrated 15-inch IFE screen and a coat hook holder.

R7: Formerly CL6720 (lie-flat Business Class)

RECARO's R7 seat 

The R7 Business class comes in two configurations; both are approximately 50 percent lighter than other seats on the market with a weight of 80 kilograms per seat. The lie-flat business class seat features a comfort seat system developed in-house by RECARO.

Recognizing sustainability

RECARO's R Sphere seats 

A notable feature of RECARO’s booth at AIX this year is the sustainability corner where the company is displaying its R Sphere concept. Shortlisted for a Crystal Cabin Award, the R Sphere is a sustainable seat made of eco-friendly and upcycled materials that is slated for certification in October.

RECARO's materials for the R Sphere 

The materials making up the R Sphere seat include the use of real wood instead of plastic for decor surfaces along with recycled foam material from old mattresses to create the seat cushion. Recycled plastic is the third material used to create this seat and the fourth is upcycled fishing net. RECARO is using these nets for the seatback pocket, removing waste from the ocean and repurposing it as a sustainable solution. A cork material and cactus leather are also in development.

Visitors can see the R Sphere concept along with RECARO’s R seating lineup at booth 7B20.

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