May 9 2024  |  Seating

Thompson Aero Seating unveils Project Echo

By Robynne Trueman

CMF seating design scheme from Thompson Aero Seating's Project Echo

Thompson Aero Seating has unveiled Project Echo and is set to focus on three aspects of seating design: the colour, materials and finish (CMF). Project Echo is inspired by the landscape of Northern Ireland, and sees the company’s CMF team, looking at its surroundings and current industry key trends, showcased in the latest Vantage seating range.

Project Echo has initially been used to refresh the brand aesthetic of Thompson’s own “marketing” seats, but all materials are based on ready-for-flight options and grounded in certification reality.

Using the essence, or echoes, of Thompson’s Northern Irish heritage as a starting point, the CMF team has looked at the predicted long-term colour trends and added contrast and energy to bring the brand aesthetic to life, the press release said.

Belinda Mason, CMF Designer at Thompson Aero Seating.

The landscapes of Ireland have influenced Thompson’s CMF team in both the colours and texture, with a layering of tinted dark hues and pops of brighter colours to capture the spirit of Ireland.

“Our aim has been to create a narrative for Thompson that is a reflection of our culture. We have interpreted colours and textures into visuals, using nature and the chemistry of its colours as our influence. The result is a feeling of quiet luxury,” said Belinda Mason, CMF Designer at Thompson Aero Seating.

The Vantage range of seats from Thompson has a visual coherence that makes the products stand together as a brand but gives each its individuality. This supports the updated company brand and logo, revealed last year.

“Our range of seats constantly evolves. Under Project Echo, we have made ourselves the client and created a unified pallet that gives alignment to each seat design, bringing them within the brand range as a whole,” Mason added.

Project Echo standardizes many of the materials used within the seating range. This makes the supply of materials easier to manage and gives economies of scale.

The company aims to deliver a premium feel, with great attention to detail and the use of luxury materials, giving a sense of elegance, sophistication and quiet luxury.

The seating range within Project Echo includes:

  • Vantage: The redesign has introduced a lighter outer shell with a darker inner core, married with shades of natural stone and lighter woods.

  • VantageXL: An intense dark surround and leather inner make the VantageXL, featuring deep moss-greens and velvety suedes.

  • VantageSOLO: The enhanced front row of the VantageSOLO uses soft tan leather as a pop of colour.

  • VantageDUO: The VantageDUO cocoons the passenger with a dark fabric wrapping, highlighted with a lighter inner seat and light stone-coloured worktops.

Cleaning and maintenance have been carefully considered by Thompson throughout the design process of this seating range.

“Alongside the given of world-class design and innovation we are proud to be able to showcase our CMF expertise through Project Echo, offering our customers a neutral starting point from which their own brand can be developed,” Mason said.

The Vantage seating range with the new Project Echo designs will be launched at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024 in Hamburg, from May 28th to 30th.

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