June 19 2023  |  Seating

Collins Aerospace unveils Aurora

By Alex Preston

The Aurora Business Class Suite for narrowbody aircraft

Collins Aerospace has unveiled Aurora, the company's first fully lie-flat Business Class suite designed exclusively for narrowbody aircraft.

"Aurora's exceptional comfort, space and thoughtful amenities offer travellers a luxurious retreat, providing an elevated experience harmonized with widebody standards," said Cynthia Muklevicz, Vice President of Business Development at Collins Aerospace in a June 6 statement. "Intelligent design, engineering and integration provide premium levels of privacy, living area and customizable options without impacting cabin density and allows customers to make Aurora uniquely theirs."

The integrated design of Aurora gives cabins a more spacious and open feel, incorporating directly into existing or bespoke front and aft structures, to maximize cabin density while increasing crew work areas and storage.

Aurora is uniquely configured, optimizing passenger living space and storage options within the suite. Passengers are set deeper into the seatback and next to the window, increasing privacy and maintaining 78 inches of bed length.

An array of customization opportunities is available with Aurora, including optimizing privacy with or without a door. The suite shell can be modified to include a privacy divider, a useful feature if travelling with a companion.

Bespoke trim and finish options are also available throughout, ensuring complimentary brand design language.

Deliveries of Aurora are scheduled to begin in 2024.

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