June 16 2023  |  Seating

Avolon selects Soisa Aircraft Interiors for seat covers

By Alex Preston

Soisa Aircraft Interiors will outfit Avolon's Boeing’s 787-900 Dreamliner, Spectrum model seats with seat covers

Mexican cabin interiors’ specialist Soisa Aircraft Interiors has secured a contract with aircraft leasing company Avolon to supply seat covers. The initial order will be for Spectrum model seats on Boeing’s 787-900 Dreamliner, with the potential for further future orders.

“We’re delighted to secure this order with Avolon and hope that we can continue to grow and develop this relationship with future orders,” said Jacobo Mesta, CEO of Soisa in a June 6 press release. “Our nearshoring strategy offers global flexibility with facilities spanning Mexico and the UAE. We are confident that this will directly benefit Avolon with improved logistics, minimal lead times for materials, as well as reduced turn-around-times and cost efficiencies.”

The two companies have also confirmed an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiative which it has set up with the lessor to support the local community in the Chihuahua region. Soisa first identified an opportunity to work with the artisan cooperative of the Tarahumara tribe in Chihuahua. Using seat covers and curtains from old Avolon aircraft, the materials are transformed into traditional, saleable goods like handmade wallets and bags. The goods are then sold in the local markets.

Mesta continues, “This is a fantastic initiative designed to not only recycle used serviceable material from the interior of the aircraft, but also to upskill the local community and boost the economy. We are not just focused on the E, but also the S and the G. Our partnership with Avolon has made this possible and together we are committed to improving supply chain sustainability within the aviation industry.”

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