January 5 2023  |  Seating

MYAirline takes flight with Geven seating

By Alex Preston

Geven’s superEco seating is bringing comfort and sustainability to Malaysias’ MYAirline

Malaysian low-cost carrier, MYAirline, has become the first airline in the Asia-Pacific region to be kitted out and fly with the superEco Economy Class seat from Geven.

Each seat on the airline’s three A320 aircraft, features customized ELeather padded dress covers, sourced from leather trimmings that would otherwise go to landfills, and which uses natural leather fibers entangled with high-performance core materials.

Passengers are also able to watch entertainment from their personal devices with MYAirline’s personal electronic device (PED) holder built into the meal trays.

As part of MYAirline’s seat configuration, the middle seat has an 18.5-inch width compared to the aisle and window seat width of 18 inches. In addition, each seat offers a 12.3-inch legroom in most rows, with the emergency exit row offering a spacious 17.3 inches. Most of MYAirline’s seat pitch is 29 inches whilst the emergency exit row seat pitch is 34 inches.

As Geven explains in a January 5 press release, the superEco seats fits MYAirline’s value proposition in providing leading-class services and comfort with its customized comfort fittings. Its design features a self-structural bottom cushion, lower literature pocket and flush armrests, which increases the comfort level for passengers. MYAirline’s pre-reclined seat angle of 109.4 degrees is designed to be ergonomic and provides a more comfortable seating position compared to the maximum recline position of some other airlines. This seat angle ensures that there is always enough space for all guests and prevents clashes between seats and passengers.

In the press release, Rayner Teo, Chief Executive Officer of MYAirline said, “We are excited to embark on this partnership with Geven and for being the first in the region to offer a more sustainable aircraft seating. Its sleek, ergonomically designed seats along with it being lightweight, fits our aspiration as an eco-friendly airline. Overall, these lightweight seats will result in less fuel burn and CO2 emissions. This is a positive step towards playing our role in reducing our carbon footprint.”

“We are pleased to see our newborn superEco seats reach the APAC skies for the first time with MyAirline. Selecting this innovative lightweight seat to outfit its fleet will allow MyAirline to contribute to its sustainability efforts via reducing fuel consumption and emissions while offering passengers maximum comfort and travel space,” commented Alberto Veneruso, Managing Director of Geven, in the same statement.

“Although we are a low-cost airline, we take pride in ensuring that we provide highly comfortable seats. We want our passengers to enjoy their journey and with our seats pre-reclined, one does not need to put their seat upright during take-off or landing. Our carefully selected interior fittings are a testament to our efforts in ensuring operational safety, efficiency, and sustainability while providing comfort. Besides being comfortable, the superEco seats are not only lightweight but easy to maintain. This helps keep our cost structure low,” added Rayner.

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