November 22 2022  |  Seating

Green Cabin Alliance membership continues to grow

By Alex Preston

In joining the Green Cabin Alliance Tapis and Utrafabrics will help develop sustainable cabin materials

Aircraft interior high-performance fabrics provider Tapis Corporation (Tapis), and their mill partner, Ultrafabrics, have become the latest members of the Green Cabin Alliance (GCA). The pair said joining reaffirms their commitment to developing innovative products for aircraft interiors that set a new standard for sustainability.

In a statement, Jason Estes VP Global Sales and Marketing, Tapis said, “As a future-focused company Tapis is committed to providing innovative materials that conserve resources and protect the well-being of people, the planet, and future generations. We feel that being a part of the Green Cabin Alliance will help us to continue our sustainable journey and aid in meeting industry goals.”

“The Green Cabin Alliance is excited to welcome Tapis, a renowned supplier of high-performance fabrics, to our growing group of organizations who are placing sustainability high on their agenda," Ben Trenchard, Co-Founder of the Green Cabin Alliance, said in the statement. “The GCA looks forward to working closely with Tapis in addressing the challenges of creating more a sustainable aircraft cabin for the future. We hope that our relationship with Tapis will help us to advance the overall aims of the GCA, by leveraging their deep expertise and knowledge in the development of sustainable cabin materials.”

Founded in 2022, the Green Cabin Alliance aims to decarbonize the industry by bringing together like-minded organizations involved in the design, manufacture, usage and disposal of parts and products for aircraft cabins.

Tapis aims to be an industry leader in providing material solutions that aid in reaching sustainability goals and have pledged to have 100 percent of its stocked product offerings contain at least 50 percent recycled and/or renewable resources by 2030.

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