June 15 2022  |  Seating

Air Tahiti selects next-generation Expliseat

By Rick Lundstrom

An Air Tahiti ATR 72

As part of an upgrade program of its fleet of ATR aircraft, Air Tahiti airline has signed a new agreement with Expliseat.

“For more than 60 years, Air Tahiti has been the main regional air carrier and serves a network as vast as Europe. We are strongly involved in the tourism development of Polynesia and we are faithful to our standards of quality and comfort to offer our passengers a pleasant and safe travel experience. It is in this context that we have selected the new Expliseat’ seat for our nine ATR aircrafts,” announces Manate Vivish, CEO of Air Tahiti.

Air Tahiti is currently equipped with the first generation of Expliseat’s ultralight seat model TiSeat E1. The seat weighs 5.8 kilograms per passenger, fully dressed and including Head Injury Criteria (HIC). The TiSeat E2 has two product lines: S-line offering efficient features for short-haul flights and X-line, more versatile, for long and extra long-range segments.

“As part of its move upmarket, Air Tahiti asked us to reinvest part of the mass saved on the structure in additional comfort and a more elaborated style. The TiSeat E2 was developed with these objectives, in collaboration with ergonomic experts and a renowned designer. Starting next year, Air Tahiti passengers will be able to recline their seat, install their tablet or phone and enjoy optimal comfort, even for flights going to the Marquesas or Gambier islands,” Amaury Barberot, CEO of Expliseat in today’s announcement.

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