June 2 2022  |  Seating

Tapis showcases fabrics and materials at AIX

By Jayson Koblun

Tapis Corporation is heading to AIX Hamburg this June and is bringing its “Aircraft Seating Innovation Center” to showcase an array of Tapis’ luxurious materials, including Ultraleather by Ultrafabrics and Ultrasuede, on full-scale mockups. These mockups include the following seats: Butterfly 2.0, Interspace, and Acro Series 6FB.

In addition, Tapis will be launching their brand new seating material, Atago, which was developed with their mill partner, Ultrafabrics, and Franklin Products.


Butterfly 2.0: The latest prototype of the Butterfly Flexible Seating for single-aisle aircraft, together with the Butterfly Smart Monument, which is gaining strong interest from 737 and A320 operators as a lightweight, low-maintenance flatbed solution with the flexibility to double seat capacity on shorter flights.


Interspace: Interspace is the first self-funded product innovation from an independent creative studio New Territory and its spin-off product incubator - Universal Movement.

Interspace has been designed for higher-density seating scenarios. The Crystal Cabin Award-winning system utilizes a full-length padded wing that deploys directly from the seat back. By revealing the wing through a fast and simple movement, passengers can transform their seat space from a standard configuration, into a more comfortable and private environment conducive to better posture, rest, and ultimately sleep.


Acro Series 6FB: Lightweight and pre-relined to an optimal comfort angle, the Series 6 Fixed Back has been designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of today’s hard-working low-cost carriers. Representing exceptional value and low maintenance, its reduced part count and sleek lines facilitate quick turnaround sanitizing while its robust good looks deliver contemporary on-brand visual appeal. It incorporates all the comfort advantages long associated with Acro’s unique curved seatback, plus our centre seat is a full inch wider than window or aisle seats on Airbus configurations.


Atago: Atago is a revolutionary fabric solution that saves up to one pound per PAX. The name comes from the Atago Shrine in Tokyo, which was erected in 1603 to protect the residents from fire. Atago combines the function of a high-performance, fire-blocked material used in aircraft cushion assembly, with the aesthetic appearance of a dress cover material into one complete solution. This groundbreaking technology reduces the number of components required, without sacrificing the style or performance.

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